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What's the site all about?

It's my place on the web where I can show my favourite photos. I started posting images online in March 2005 and the site has grown from there. There are now over 260 photographs on the site from 11 different countries. As well as browsing through the image galleries, you can use the Google Maps feature to see the exact location where individual photos were taken.

What equipment do you use?

Many of the early photographs on this site were taken with my first digital camera the Nikon 5200 'point and shoot'. I loved that camera and one of my favourite shots from 2008 was taken with it snowboarding on Cypress Mountain.

In March 2007 I upgraded to a DSLR, first to a Canon EOS 400D and then later the Canon 60D with the 18-200mm lens.

Who designed the site?

The site has evolved over time but I've always hand-coded the design. Its currently semantically structured with HTML5, styled with CSS3 and extra functionality has been added by using JavaScript and PHP. I use Adobe Dreamweaver CC to organise my site content, and help speed up automated tasks.

What about the photographs do you alter them?

In short 'yes' but not a lot. I use Photoshop CC to enhance the colour and clone out any distracting features. I then crop and sharpen the finished photo.

What if I want a photograph from the site?

You can buy most of the photographs featured on the site. I only charge enough to cover my expenses, I also add a small additional fee which is donated to charity. For more details about buying photographs, please visit the prints page.

Can I add some of my photographs to the site?

Yes you can, I am keen to start a 'contributors gallery' The photograph will be credited to you and I can provide a link back to your site (if you have one). An example display format can be seen here.

How else can I keep updated?

You can follow me on Twitter and Flickr where I post all of my favourite pictures. I have also set-up photography community pages on Facebook and Google+ where I welcome contributions from group members. I look forward to connecting with you and seeing your best images.

Cheers Bryn